Fractional Sales Management

What we do:

Starting a new business is time consuming. Trying to be both the Sales Director and CEO is impossible. Enter Robert & Pearl. We free you up to concentrate on product development while we focus on your sales. Channel Strategy and Distribution planning are ways we can help guide your sales with our experience in every major and specialty retail channel both domestic and internationally.



Robert and Pearl develops unique action plans with objectives and goals for each client. We have the tools and software to help optimize your product listings for both conversion and the A9 Amazon Search Engine



Robert & Pearl has a long history of selling to Amazon and managing Seller Central. We provide the tools and software to optimize your account and find the right customers for your product search on Amazon.



Results are the end game for Amazon. We use a myriad of on and off-site Amazon-centric tools to help your products get in front of the right customer and convert.

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