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Company Story

Robert & Pearl is a full-service shop supporting brands in a multitude of sales and marketing functions. With nearly 16 years of experience, we excel at expanding distribution both domestically and internationally, bring clarity and winning to digital marketing, and understand the path to proven sales on the Amazon and Wal-Mart marketplaces. Our team is here to assist you in all parts of the sales, marketing, and distribution processes. We don’t lead with what we can we do, we listen to your needs and wants and develop a unique plan for you and your company. Because you aren’t everyone else, and we know that.

Chris Shipferling

Chris Shipferling has nearly 16 years of experience in sales and marketing in various global executive and sales management roles in highly competitive industries. From running regional sales networks, to working with startup brands, to managing entire teams, Chris understands how to get a product from concept to concrete sales. Whether it’s brick and mortar retail or full-scale Amazon and web sales, Chris understands the whole picture when it comes to what his clients need.

From a young age Chris understood and valued relationships and he enjoys a real conversation with almost anyone he meets. Although his teachers may have said he talked too much in class, it’s that outgoing personality that enables Chris to prosper in sales and marketing functions no matter the industry.

Chris enjoys golf, a good concert, and any cup of coffee where the discussion centers on Facebook ads. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Mandy and two kids. If you ever meet Chris, ask him about the time he got lost in Paris on a ninth-grade field trip and made it back to the group with a smile and a semester of high school French.

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